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Save Our Planet

'Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife, are in fact plans to protect man' - Stewart Udall.


Everyone needs to join their hands to heal and save our planet Earth.

With just a little effort, there are so many things we can do make it more greener and healthier.

With just 1 click (at most, once a day), you can make such a big difference and it doesn't cost you anything.

The following are just some ways you can help our planet and the planet's wildlife.

save the rainforest

The Rainforest Site
The Rainforest site helps to preserve and protect wildlife and the forests.

The rate of rainforest destruction and species extinction in the rainforest is undeniably high.Click here to go to the Rainforest site, and click the Green Button saying ' Click here to give - It's FREE' on that site. By doing that you would have helped to protect wildlife habitat.



help rescued animals

The Animal Rescue Site
The Animal Rescue Site rescues animals and gives food and care to these animals. Click here to go to the Animal Rescue site, and click the Purple Button saying 'Click here to give - It's FREE'.


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